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14 October 1989
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Manu • 23 years old • Switzerland • Assistant at Regent • Wanna be-Britannia

Loves: her friends; music; movies; partys; fashion design; shopping; holidays; tv-series; ugg boots; bags & shoes!
Hates : the dark; to be alone; winter; snow; to be bored; arrogance & spiders!

The Music: Lady Gaga; Beyoncé; Agnes, One Republic; James Morrison; Daniel Merriweather; Lily Allen; Ich & Ich; Melanie Fiona; Michael Bublé; Timbaland; Seven & Maroon 5!

The Movies: Lord of the Rings I-III; Harry Potter IV-VI; Twilight I-II; 27 dresses; Freche Mädchen; Shopaholic & many more!

The Series: Gossip Girl; Glee; The Hills; The City; The Beautiful Life; Desperate Housewives; Doctor's Diary & O.C. California!

The Brands: Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Bally & Balenciaga!

First of all: some of you may ask what "Britannista" means - Its the combination out of "Britannia" and "Fashionista"! My real name is Manuela, but I dont like to be called that way. Moreover people simply call me Manu, which I like better. I was born on the 14th of October in 1989, which means I am currently 21 years old (so old, haha). I live in a small city called Worb near Berne, and I really like to be living there, cause its familiar and we have all the things we need. Ive finished my apprenticeship at a big retail store in Switzerland in summer 2009, and I am currently still working there in the accounts for 60%. Ive started my maturity in summer 2010 which will last until summer 2012 and afterwards I would like to study fashion design. I am seriously obsessed with fashion and thats basically what I spend every free minute for; execpt for my friends of course. I love to go shopping and explore all the new design and I also like to collect fashion magazines. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me through one of the following ways:
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